"Gotta Catch 'Ya Later!" is the 65th & final episode of Catscratch Adventures, which designed to introduce Toonwrecker's "Gordon, Waffle, & Mr. Blik's Adventures" series, as P1103 would be wrapping up his animation projects after this very episode.

In the episode, the cats must part ways with their old friends, as they start a new adventure.


After they defeat Lazarus for the final time, the cats must part way with their old friends, as they begin an adventure to earn a statue in the ATA's Hall of fame.


After stopping at Viridian Village after The Downfall of Lazarus-EX, the cats learn that, after Sora slayed the leader of the ATA, (who was replaced with Dottie from Nickelodeon Weinerville), a spot in the HQ's Hall of Fame has been opened. Amazed about the wonders of being celebrated by the world, Blik convinces Gordon & Waffle to join him in claiming this spot, along with their new allies, who first appeared in The Friends Who Are All That!.

However, the cats soon realize that the allies who have joined them ever since their first 64 adventures must part ways with them, due to them having to stay behind, because of the ATA's strict rules, (Which would be revised, as a way for the old team to join forces with the cats in "Lazarus Returns!").

Saddened at the fact that they must leave their old friends behind, Waffle runs away to the nearby Cavern of Secrets, whereas Gordon and the rest find out, and shortly come and rescue him. After battling a troll, the cats tumble out into the exit of Viridian Village.

As they say goodbye to their old friends, Ren & Stimpy leave the group, and sneak into Amanda's bag, as they would soon return in "King Waffle!".

As we pan up to the rising sun, (possibly a metaphor for the cats starting their new journey), we cut to the theme to Toonwrecker's new series, as the episode ends.


  • This was supposed to be the final episode of the series, before P1103 gave the show's creative duties to Toonwrecker.