Simon sets off in search for the Neo Ring, but when he meets Waffle, and manage to catch a blob, his quest truly begins.


Simon, the only villager of his intelligence in the small town of Newton is busy trying to decode the message mysteriously addressed to him that was sent to him hours ago, but when he gets one step closer to solving the puzzle, an emergency village meeting is called.

After arriving, the village's elder announces that the Neo Ring has somehow been taken from its resting place. If it is used, the world will turn back to 28 - 19 years without a way to undo the effects caused by the ring.

Simon then realizes that message decodes into a plea of help, reading, that within 4 weeks, evil will have turned back time to the last days of a pre-9/11 decade, where they'll set up and pull off a world-shattering disaster bigger than anyone could imagine.

Heading outside, Simon finds a small group of supporters outside ready to wish him luck as he heads out on his journey. before he sets off, The Elder then starts to list the numerous supplies that he has packed for him before he goes. Simon begins his long journey, walking beyond the hilly pastures of Newton. After stopping for a bite to eat from his backpack, a grey cat approaches Simon. Confused if he's a member of the enemy's forces, he places his weapon down just in case.

As the cat sits down, Simon introduces himself. After explaining what his life is like and why he's left the village, the grey cat introduces himself as Waffle. explaining that he lives nearby and he's coming back from throwing stones at the river to pass time with his fishbowl filled with guppies, Waffle agrees to join Simon on his quest to recover the ring. Just then, Waffle spots what he thinks is a lone slug nearby and is determined to finally catch one as a pet. Simon throws together a makeshift rod and lures it in... but it turns out not to be a slug, but instead a much dimwitted and happy-go-lucky blob.

The blob happily slogs it's way to the two and hops into the backpack of Simon. When they finally get up and leave for the road ahead, a Spearow attacks the three. Suddenly, the tiny blob jumps out of the bag and forms giant fists with its stretchy, mucus-like body, and punches the Spearow.

After running for their lives, the three make it to a nearby diner. They stop to grab a bite to eat again, before stopping for the night, and resting in their sleeping bags, anxious to start their journey.