After arriving in Gorako Town, Waffle, Simon, and their blob meet three new allies and face off against their first foe.


After waking up, exhausted from the day's previous events, our heroes wake up, and pack up camp, heading off for Gorako Town. While on the path, they see another cat slicing cacoons with his sword. Enraged, Waffle tries to fight him, and fails. Simon then apologizes and nervously introduces himself, Waffle, and the blob who joined them a day earlier.

The cat admits he is impressed with Waffle's attempts to fight, and promises that he can show him a thing or two also, if he can tag along. Simon reluctantly agrees.

The cat introduces himself as Gordon. He then goes on to tell all he knows about the ring.

After having a conversation on why the villains want the ring, the heroes stop and hear rustling. Thinking that its another one of the mysterious enemy's minions, he slowly draws out his sword and prepares for battle. However, he puts it back when he discovers it was just a girl. She introduces herself as illy and goes on about her channel. After managing to get the three cats to subscribe, she sets off with them for the path leading downwards to Gorako Town. When the four arrive, the trio witness the Dregonians, the group behind the sudden disappearance of the ring, and challenge them.

Within three strikes, the minions flee, and threaten to send in the boss.

After scaring them even further, the fourth and final cat, Mr. Black joins them because his shift at the Anime Monster Transfer Station is getting boring.

As the five take a walk around town searching for motives and clues, Drega, the cowardly minions' boss lands his ship, and announces his arrival. When Gordon tries to strike, he finds out his helmet grants him invincibility all over. Taking Simon's advice on how the armor could shatter his katana into microscopic bits, Gordon lets him go --- just this once.

Meanwhile, Black shifts his attention to the little blob, and decides to nickname him Blobbuto, after being reminded of the hatchlings his clients bring in. Blobbuto suddenly becomes his best friend on the team, and signifies him by slurping his face like a puppy.