Send for help!

[Cuts to desk] VO: Dear Ash we need help, go down under and save us-Bernard. [Cut to Bernard] There. [fades out]

Ash and friends accept their newest mission

[Fade into Ash's HQ]

Gordon: Aye, Another day, another call for help.

Alert: OWEWEE!

Ash: What is it now?

(Daggett and Norbert come in)

Daggett: It's a letter, you stupid spoothead.

Pikachu: Pika!

Dog: It's addressed to Ash Ketchum, 1904 Treehouse Forest, McWorld Lane, Kalos.

Cat (Reading the letter:) Dear Ash, we need your help urgently. So go down under and save us - Bernard.

Ash: OK, guys, let's go!

Pikachu: Pika!

Arriving in Australia

[Adventure jet flies out of hanger]

Ash: AutoPilot, Australia.

Theme Song plays. [To the tune of johnny test]

Ash Ketchum X2

Hes got a head of wild hair & a Turbo charged pokemon

His friends go on adventures

A Electric Mouse & a Scottish cat

The boys best friend is a electric mouse

Team rocket, professor ratagain, Bowser, What do we make of this?

Ash Ketchum X2

This is the life of a trainer named Ash Ketchum

Ash Ketchum x2

This is the life of a trainer named Ash KetchumMMMMMMMM!

[scene ends]

 McLeach lets Cody go

Look! Pikachu: Pika!



Pikachu: PIIKA!

(Just as McLeach is about to be defeated, Simon comes in, and McLeach gets his journals)

McLeach: Listen, bub, I have been seeking these pages for a long, long time, and NOW...

(McLeach rips the 2 pages out of the journal)

Simon: DRAMATIC GASP! McLeach has got the forbidden pages of my journal!

(The heroes dart to the isle with no waste in time.)

To the rescue!/Final battle


Mcleach: Hmm... maybe I should attack that island... [pauses] a huge sea monster! [cackles evilly]

[Daggett gasps, and then shuts his eyes. McLeach gets out Simon's journal and begins rewriting it, pausing to think a bit]

Mcleach: [Writing] Then.... ummmm.... uhhhhhh.... aha! Mcleach experienced a powerful transformation, as he turned into a huge scary.... uhhhhh.... sea monster! [McLeach puts the pen down and waits for the transformation to start]

[a small moment of silence]

[A bolt of lightning strikes McLeach, and it soon fades. The blast of thunder is witnessed by Waffle, Tails, Gordon, and Blik on the other isle. When it quickly ends, Mcleach is normal.]

McLeach: Arrrgh! I knew it was their plan to fool me. Nothing happened! Screw th--

McLeach glances at his hand, as it starts turning green and scaly, and becomes webbed. McLeach's skin starts to yellow, as he screams in pain. as McLeach falls to his back, He kicks both of his boots off, and they land on the rock.]

[Camera pans to his feet, as they begin to yellow, and then, his toes turn into thrashing tentacles.]

Mcleach: What-what's happening to meeeee-aaaaaargh!!!!

[McLeach groans and growls as he grows bigger in size, tearing his clothes apart, as a dorsal fin grows on his back,]

[McLeach gasps in horror]

[Cut to his face, as his nose and mouth stretch longer, and his teeth turn long & sharp, like a shark's. His eyes turn a dark black color, and his hair turns seaweedy green.]

[He slips and slides off the rock and falls into the sea, landing with a deep splash]

Tails: [gasps]: Are you alright?

[McLeach emerges from the water, looking completely different; his hair is longer, a seaweed green color, and really messy, his skin is covered in yellow scales, and his eyes are black, and his nose and mouth is shark like, as is his teeth. and he is now 4 times his original size.]

Monster: [demonically deeper voice] Raaaargh yes! So powerful! Just look at my new feet! [raises his feet outta the water]

Blik: [gasps] What happened to you?

Monster: I have become a huge sea monster! feel the look of my new tentacle toes!

[On Misty Island, the others are watching]

Monster: oh yes, feel the havoc-wreaking tentacle toes of my brand new feet! [wriggles his new tentacle toes]

[One of them touches Ickis' left ear]

Ickis: [whispering] Who is that monster?

Sonic: [whispering] Wait. Is that McLeach?

Tails: [whispering] I think he turned into a giant sea monster!

[The three race to The Outback to warn Alan]

Alan: What was that noise?

Oblina: I don't know, but I have a bad vibe 'bout this.

Daggett: And what was that bright white light?

Tails: Alan!

Alan: Guys, what's wrong?

Tails: We saw McLeach!

Alan: What happened?

Gordon: Aye, oh, umm, ohh..

Tails: He grabbed the journals, & he...turned into a giant, killer sea monster!

Waffle: I saw his hands turn green!

Gomez: Eeep!

Krumm: Whatever happened, we better stop this crud before it's beyond our control.

(The monsters jump into Waffle's bag)

Ash, Scooby and Bernard praised as heroes/Ending

Blik: Dont even think about it.

You are heroes!

(Crowd cheers)

(Fades, ukulele music starts)

Ash: well it's time to go.

Ash: we will miss you guys.

Ash: Thanks for everything.

Ash: We will video chat sometime.

Gordon: aye, it's been alot of fun.

Ash: We have to leave now.

Bernard: we will miss you.

Ash: bye!

Waddles: oink.

Ash: if you are ever taking a vacation down under, and you hear people tell stories about a ten year old & a electric mouse saving a orphan. Now you know the tale.