Cubix is a robot, the team found and repaired him in "Robots For Blik".


At the start of season 3, Cubix is broken and no one can figure out how to make him work. Waffle then brings Cubix back to life. His body is made out of a number of cubes. He can transform into a variety of different types of vehicles, including a hover bike, an airplane, and a helicopter. He can even fly without the need to transform into a vehicle. Hidden in each cube is a different gadget with a solution to almost every dire situation. When it comes to fighting, Cubix is exceptionally strong. He is powered by a Solex generator which is rumored to be the ultimate power source, but nobody knows exactly how it works. Cubix's body is also constructed out of a highly resistant metal that is capable of withstanding devastating amounts of damage without breaking. He also has additional parts that when added to his structure can increase his strength. Cubix is a friendly and helpful robot, but initially lacks speech capability (probably because he might be a prototype or old model), while speaking seems to be common place among other robots. Usually he just repeats what people around him say. However, later in the episode, this improves greatly and he becomes capable of forming sentences and dialogues.