This character article refers to a character in the Advanced Continuity. Gordon is one of the four main characters in GEAR: Advanced Battle.

Psycho, angry, tough, and headstrong, Gordon's willing to fight evil no matter how hard the task might be, even if it'll kill him in the end. Despite how dangerous he is, he'll remain loyal to his friends and fellow allies on their adventures.


Gordon has messy orange fur, with strands of hair sticking up around his head. During the Countdown to Chaos saga, he sported a holder for his trusty katakana, strapped to his torso.


Gordon's psychopathic nature is one to be feared with. Like he says, you can mess with his sword, you can chop off his limbs, but the moment you start screwing with his friends, you're freakin' dead.


  • Gordon is stronger than the Z Fighters.
  • It's been hinted at that Gordon and Jim have ran into each other in the past, as mentioned in "Another Journey Ends, A New One Begins!"