Luan Loud is a supporting character from the upcoming Nickelodeon animated series, The Loud House.


Luan is the fourth-oldest child in the Loud family. She is a fun-loving girl with a fondness for comedy and practical jokes.


Luan has proiminent buck teeth, which sport braces, and light brown hair worn up in a large ponytail, with two long protruding hairs sticking out from the center of her forehead. She dresses in a white sleeveless shirt, a yellow skirt with a square pattern, yellow socks worn all the way up and brown shoes. She also wears three pink flowers, one on her shirt and two on each shoe, that serve as gag squirt-flowers.


  • In "Poyoville", it is shown that she records herself sleeping in case she tells a joke in her sleep.
  • In "Enter The Battle Frontier", it is revealed that Luan has her own comedy-themed website. It is also revealed that Luan has several tapes of Lincoln's past.

Luan often wears a pair of Groucho glasses, which seem to double as actual reading classes.