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Catscratch Adventures of LEGO Dimensions.

In an Unknown Dimension

Everything in the Dimension has rise up until then a Portal has shown up. Lord Vortech and the Villains has comes out, and a Robot named X-PO is searching something, and then he found it.

X-PO: Heh, I found that thing! Uh, I mean. "Anomaly located, Master."

Jafar: Good job, X-PO.

Lord Vortech: Yes, I've found it.

X-PO: Uh... you found it?

Lord Vortech: After all these years of searching, It really exists. Foundation Prime.

Hades: Badabing! Badadoom!

Lord Vortech: Stop that, Hades. This dipicts the Foundation Elements - Artifacts from start to time, Scattered across the Dimensions. And only we can gather them all in one piece.

X-PO: Just so you know... The Foundation Element are the Cornerstone of time and space. So they're... Kinda important. To the... Entire universe.

Lord Vortech: Your Services, are no longer needed.

Cruella: That means we won't needed you anymore.

Lord Vortech has opened a Portal to X-PO

X-PO: But the elements can't be safety harnessed, It's too Dangerous! And what about that Pay raise you promised me... !?

He got sucked into the Portal

James: He's gone now.

Lord Vortech: (Laugh) We will have them all. We will control their Powers. We will make Universes collide!

Maleficent: That's right, Vortech. We will rule the Universe!

And then Lord Vortech Arm's is getting bigger and he got Himself Bigger.

Meowth: Whoa! Big Guy!

Lord Vortech: Aargh- No! I will not be Denied Perfection!

He turn back to normal

Lord Vortech: Our dedication to this work has taken it's toll. Not for much longer can we freely pass between Dimensions... But, there is another way.

Jessie: How?

Lord Vortech: This.

He is Creating his own Throne and he's own Foundation Prime.

All: (Evil Laugh)

Lord Vortech: You're Laugh are stupid, Team Rockets.

Team Rockets: Aww.