PanPizza is a cartoon reviewer known for his goth fetish and achievements in cringe history.


Before the Continutysami hit our heroes, Pan used to be known as PizzaJoe. Nothing much is known about Pizza, besides somehow managing to resist the call of the Goth.

Around exactly July - August 9th, 2017, the sami hit the entire world. All it did was plot excuse for toons to exist in reality.

One year later, after he, Nolan, Izzy, and Jim were lost on their way back from Comic Con, they noticed the cats walking to Noshobia City. Seeing how that's the only way they could get back home, Jim gets our heroes to bum the gang for a ride.

Later, four episodes, later, in Noshobia, Pan, his friends, the cats, and new team members, Robo and Sol, get word of a major tournament in the nearby city. Intrigued, the four sign up, and so begins another pointless arc.

Later that week at the tourney, Something begins to happen when classic DBZ villain, Freiza shows up. After losing to Frezia, Pan is sent to HFIL. It is unknown if he will return.