Sokka is a source of comic relief throughout the series, often a victim of visual slapstick (such as getting whacked by a oompa loompa).

Among various running gags involving Sokka are his immersion in viscous substances, such as raw sewage,slurry, phlegm, or saliva; and forgetting that Waffle is stupid. Sokka also has a tendency to produce or at times laugh at jokes shared by no other character.

In "Tales of Ba Sing Se", Sokka's name was written as 索卡, whereof Sǔo (索) means to search, demand, ask, exact, or isolated and Kǎ (卡) means to check, block, or card. The character for Kǎ also appears in Katara's name.

Plot overview

In the initial episode, Katara and Sokka discovered the team in Shere Khan's dungeon. Kaa attacks the village and Sokka fights him. However he loses and Shere Khan takes Aang away. Advised by their grandmother Sokka and his sister, Katara save Aang and embark with him to find a waterbending instructor while Sokka plans to improve his own skill en route.