The Neo Saga is a relaunch that consists of four planned chapters/arcs: Discovery, Revelations, Destinies, and Genesis.

The Discovery arc introduces Robo, Chibi, Blitz, Wrex, Blue Topaz, Atta, and Blobby as our heroes' main allies, who join them throughout the entire saga.The only remaining character in the main cast from the previous continuity is Illy. As a relaunch of everything that came before, the Neo series totally refreshes the continuity in order to tell a new story.

Neo Discovery launched with the Call of Heroes chapter, and will release a new chapter every Saturday, except on family emergencies or vacations.



Four cats and their circle of friends set out to find the Neo Stone, a powerful weapon that has the power to turn the clock back to the 90s, before evil can step in and use it for themselves.